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The “Open for Business Program” is a voluntary program offered to local businesses, to provide the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with real time status updates on their operational status during large scale emergencies. This enables businesses to electronically submit if they are open/closed and their hours of operations during an emergency situation.  The EOC will take this information to display on a map with the businesses.  Citizens can hover over the icons of the businesses on the map to view which businesses are open and their hours of operation during an emergency.  

The icons represent 

  • Fuel icon represents gas station, propane  and oil location.

  • Food icon represents grocery stores and restaurants

  • Repair Services/Supplies Icon represents home improvement stores and local home repair contractors

  • Medial Icon is for medical

  • services/supplies

  • General Merchandise /Services Icon is for general business non emergency or life essential type stores and services

  • Financial Icon represents banks, credit unions and ATMS.

  • Other

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